Susanne Scholz

9 October 2020

ARTikulationen 2020


The Instruments beneath the Golden Layer

  • Instruments
  • Playing Technique
  • Freiberg
  • Renaissance
  • sound post
  • sound production

for the second presentation of the doctoral project The Sound beneath a Golden Layer

Researching The Sound beneath a Golden Layer of the Renaissance violins of Freiberg Cathedral requested firstly a musicological confirmation of their relevance for music history, which was part of the first presentation of my doctoral project. The main part then and still is the actual research of the sound by playing the copies of the five unique violin instruments and by exploring the connected playing techniques and the philosophy behind.

In the centre of this, second presentation are the instruments themselves. A scientific study, made in cooperation with the IEM at KUG will provide important information about the role a particular element of the instruments plays concerning the sound transmission.

In the second part, a short film by Jana Tost will show in a very artistic way the central significance of the space the instruments are played in and were intended for. The concluding artistic live part with the ensemble gamma.ut research will underline this connection and show some of the most essential elements of this ongoing research.