ARTikulationen interweaves in-depth artistic research presentations, a festival character (intermezzi-performances), and a mini-symposium on the topic of research journeys between artistic and scholarly or scientific practices. Topics range from current acoustic, electroacoustic, and computer composition, historically informed and contemporary performance, to improvisation and theatre.

In this year’s issue of ARTikulationen 2021 there will be 6 doctoral research presentations: Rigorosa (viva voce presentations) by Artemi Gioti, Lula Romero and Emiliano Sampaio, plus mid-study presentations by Patrick Gusset, Lorelei Dowling and Feliz Anne Macahis. For the mini-symposium related to this year’s topical frame – Artistic Research Journeys – we collaborate with the contemporary music festival musikprotokoll in two discussion panels on Nomadic Crossings Between Art and Research, with Natasha Barrett (Oslo), Isabel Mundry (HMT München/ZHdK), Svetlana Maraš (Hochschule für Musik FHNW Basel), and Marko Ciciliani (KUG). Margaret Schedel (Stony Brook University), Martin Iddon (University of Leeds), and Simon Emmerson (De Montfort University) will give further talks. And the festival character appears not only through presentations in the form of examples from practice, but also in three intermezzi with contributions by doctoral candidates Jakob Stillmark, Elina Akselrud, Márcio Steuernagel, Daniele Pozzi, Agnė Dūkšaitė, Ilil Land-Boss, and Almog Segal, who contribute live and filmed performances.

We repeat last year’s successful combination of local and virtual presence (bidirectional hybrid onsite-online), adding live-streamed Rigorosa this year. Like last year also, the mid-study presentations are followed by feedback sessions with the full doctoral committees. As always, this is a discursive event with ample time for questions and discussions. Registration is free. The official opening will be on Thursday, 7 Oct, 10:30am; closing session will be on Saturday, 9 Oct, 2:30 pm.

Live events (by invitation and prior registration only) take place at Theater im Palais, Leonhardstraße 19, 8010 Graz.

Rigorosa will be streamed at