Patrick Gusset

8 October 2021

ARTikulationen 2021
Artistic Research Journeys


The Future Of The Earth
Preenacting Climate Scenarios

  • Preenactment
  • Scenario

The research project THE FUTURE OF THE EARTH: PREENACTING CLIMATE SCENARIOS tries to give the cause of climate change an experienced dimension and looks into the near and distant future. The project creates physically experienceable and scientifically plausible previews of the climate up to the end of the 21st century.

The starting point is the question of which complementary constellations of art and science, lead to alternative forms of communication in the climate change discourse? Two further key questions of the project are: How do we gain an experiential dimension in the cause of climate change for a present ability to act, which we need now, but which will only be available in the future? And: How can climate change, which remains cognitively incomprehensible, become sensually and physically experienceable?

Based on scientific data, the project uses performing art to explore those questions by making climate scenarios experienceable. To this end, a team of artists from various disciplines is working together with scientific experts to play through climate futures and their consequences discursively, reflexively and performatively.


Patrick Gusset studied acting at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB). This was followed by various works at municipal theatres and in the independent scene in Europe as an actor, performer and dancer in interdisciplinary projects, as well as directing works. As an author, he has written and dramatised plays. He has also worked as a theatre mediator in socio-cultural projects with a transcultural focus. After completing his Master’s degree in Transdisciplinarity in the Arts at the ZHdK, he is now a research assistant and lecturer in the BA Acting at the ZHdK as well as an artistic-scientific doctoral student.

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